Recently we went VIP Graffiti paint shop in Tottenham- North London.

The original plan was to paint a sponsorship graffiti piece for them, However sadly we lost a legendary character and pillar of both the Drum and Bass and UK Grime scene; Stormin MC – who had been battling Skin Cancer for a couple years sadly lost his life on early morning 19th February 2018.

We decided to divert from our original VIP Graffiti sponsor painting and paint a Stormin dedication piece instead.

(Watch video below)

VIP Graffiti Paint Promo – RIP STORMIN MC

We caught up with Bill @ Tottenham, vip Graffiti paint shop to speak to him about his graffiti paint shop in North London and also painted a dedication piece to The Real Stormin MC Big ups MC Skibadee for sharing the pic. And special thanks to @Liam Syrett On visuals

Posted by Virtuous Movement/ Vibes Media on Monday, 19 March 2018

We was blessed to have Stormin MC represent VM- Virtuous Movement and unfortunately he became the 2nd Drum and Bass Legend to represent our brand who has passed away alongside Dominator (RIP) . We are deeply saddened from this loss and send out our heartfelt condolences to the HYPE-MASTER MC Stormin’s close family and friends.

Rest In Power

Stormin MC

Ian – VM Founder.


A Dedication to Stormin MC

There comes a day when each legend is on top of their game like never in their timeline before.

We are all here to do our upmost best, at wherever we lay our hearts. With passion comes drive, with drive and the passion comes the internal fire, from the fire comes lion hearted success with abundance of respect for achievement’s.

It is with a sorrow that one writes this passage yet, with an acclaimed vigour for the individual who chose to achieve so much within his energetic timeline – as an artist.

It was broken with the sad announcement that the legend: MC STORMIN had passed away due to an ongoing fight with cancer.

Stormin, became a legend of many – to many. Stormin wasn’t just an ‘MC’ – he was so much more! He pioneered much of the ‘Grime movement’ (Nasty Squadron) which took the UK quite literally ‘by STORM’ before the turn of the millennium.

Adjacent to this Stormin maintained a solid ‘microphone status’, hosting to House before boosting off into the Drum and Bass and Jungle scene. Working closely with both Swifta and MC Shabba D, it wasn’t long before he was performing on the likes of Kool London utterly super smashing the airwaves for the massive and cru!

The news of Stormins passing cut through the scene like nothing felt before. We all know the magnitude of the great: Stevie Hyper D. Well – this is certainly on the same level, sadly it is what ‘passing of this earth’ leaves behind. This being said; Stormin likewise lived and passed away – a warrior no less, a TRUE – Lion heart brave person! It takes time, patience, perseverance of the highest order to hone, and fine tune any craft. Stormin put in many mad hours doing just this.

I was lucky enough to interview him, back in the ‘DSI’ days. This was just ahead of his; ‘Big Fat Just Like Heather’ album he put out for his Drum and Bass promo! Stormin was truly dedicated to his craft. I first saw him at an On A Mission event (Southampton), where he was headlining – he did just that. Stormin earned his just deserved title as ‘The HYPE MASTER!’ Everyone who has been blessed to see him perform live will testify to this. Stormin naturally flew up the ranks in terms of recognition in the scene, performing at all major parties. He became apart of the mighty: SASASAS – a force to be reckoned with, all microphone legends with DJ’s: Phantasy and now DJ Mackie G (Salute.)

Stromin, is proof that in simplicity – ‘what you put in, is what you will receive – back out’. He naturally received in dividends the countless hours, travelling, rehearsing, practicing, leasing and networking the right way to achieve his goals and objectives. Throw in the mix a very busy music circuit and a family life – well, it’s not easy! Despite all the obstacles he came across – he never gave up.

Stormin touched everyone’s hearts and minds. His energetic presence on and off the mic was an everlasting impression. Stormin, crafted from his heart, for the youth, an expression from the streets, a voice if you will for the youth of the age to feed from. They gleaned the energy which was available to them, Stormin pushed this fact via his music, a true soldier on that we shall never forget.

I’m sure I’ll be toasting a rum to Stormin for many years to come, as others roll up a big fat spliff and – enjoy! A person’s legacy isn’t just about their physical, it’s about their energy! – Stormin held infinite, on this note, he will be remembered throughout time and our musical history.

To the true lyrical marksman, the one and only Hype Master, we salute you – with Virtuous style and splendour! Rest in eternal peace.

Words by: David Hill. (Demonz Ink 2018).