CANIBUS (THE LEGACY) A personal perspective 
Written by David Hill (DHD)
As infinite, as perfect as time, the cycle of infinity itself.
From a personal perspective, I found my way into the sounds and world of hip – hop, rap; during the early ‘90’s’. I was in my early secondary (High school years). It was from an old friend named – Mark who lent me my first ever Wu Tang cassette tape. I recall being absolutely blown away, the formulation of their sentences, the content of their rhymes, the sheer ‘power’ felt from the Wu Tang collective.
My parents always held a more ‘classical’ pathway for myself along with my younger brother Martin. My heart always gravitated to the sounds of the ‘underground’, deep electronic beats, bass, chords hailing from the London underground rave sounds; – hip hop when it came in the early nineties supplied the ‘rebel sound’, that my soul so deeply craved as a young boy growing up in London, then Hertfordshire. I gravitated straight away to The Notorious B I G, also following Tu Pac of his time – yet it was B I G who held my full interest.
After my schooling years were completed, I was found in between a few different jobs in my local area within a small town in Hertfordshire. One of these jobs was working in a fashion clothes warehouse distribution firm, tagging the designer clothes before they were released into the shops for resale. Myself and the small team of guys working alongside me, had the fortune of being able to listen to any CD – music that we wanted whilst we completed the otherwise boring, mundane work at hand. A new guy started by the name of Tom. He turned out to be a TRUE hip hop follower as well as an all-round connoisseur of the music too. It was with what I say as a ‘full heart of sincere gratitude’ from myself to Tom B (if he’s reading this due to sublime synchronicity…) that I offer my sincere thanks to him once more in my lifetime. (Tom’s Hip Hop tag is: Hemlock) It was a start of a shift in the afternoon when he simply asked me if I had ever heard of a rapper named: Canibus? He was mortally shocked when I replied ‘no’.
He then proceeded to play the (at the time newer album – 2000 BC) (Release: July18, 2000.) It blew my mind to whole, other level. Tom then introduced me to many of Canibus’s tracks, I was instantly captured by his clear raw, concise delivery, equipped with a dangerous, versatile flow – furthermore his content. I was brought up around the philosophical methods of life, from my dear dad. It was beyond anything to hear such an artist talk about affairs of the world, intertwined with metaphysical bars, metaphors, combine with such mastery, that it was almost unreal – except that I was hearing it with my own ears! I recall with the greatest of clarity, being played a joint where Bis ‘blacks out like B I G’ and executes a verse with perfect precision. Of course; I also heard Channel Zero, from his earlier album – Can-I-Bus. (DEBUT ALBUM – Release: September 8, 1998). Once again, each track is exquisite, I am drawing from my pin point best ones! (Repeat playlist business).
As I allow the haze of smoke to clear from the memory banks, the track which remains one of my firm ‘markers’ for my own musical timeline was played to me: Poet Laureate II. From the immense album: RIP the Jacker ep. (Release: 22 July 2003) Once again, I was truly captivated by Canibus’s immersion in / within the spiritual side of the ether(interwoven into his lyrical creations). The complete ‘blend’, between real life, the deepness captured – like a painting in time for eternity.
Melatonin Magik album (Release date: 2010) holds one of my personal all-time favourite tracks, pieces of music, artistry – EVER! Feat: Professor Griff; Dead by Design. Impeccable work once again, a reality walk through lyrically, within the ‘system of control’ which we all live in. Also, the immense track: Only slaves D.R.E.A.M.
Canibus himself – the completed accomplishment. From the streets, battle rap, to spiritual combinations of the art form of writing, storytelling / EMCEEing, so many levels mastered. Each album that Bis has delivered has equalled itself, then proceeded to do throughout the ages as we know it. Speaking of which, a few years ago Canibus began experimenting with the ‘layering of bars’. Creating a whole new take on the synopsis for creators to use his mighty sentences as they wished. Taking to the mixing boards, creations from the musical hearts and minds, then to flourish out within the web of the internet. More underground ep’s such as: RIP the Insectoid, and RIP the Reptilian oversaw many producers become involved with the creation of the tracks rendered. A legend by his own right – PYRIT, who also; raps as well as produces exquisite beats, had a hand in the above projects – along with many other producers and recording artists. It is with enthusiastic respect, that we can go a little more in depth with Pyrit himself – over the next summer months or so. It would be an honour to do so. Pyrit also features on one of my personal favourite tracks from the: Time Flies, Life Dies… Phoniex Rise album, track titled: This is Rome.
Recent of age works by Canibus; the mighty, incredible, futurist of further manifestations – Fait Accompli. (Release: 10 June 2014) Citing the tyranny of the USA, much of which is becoming a cold reality as I type this… (as much of Canibus’s predictions are.) ‘Canibus is a visionary indeed’.
Time Flies, Life Dies… Phoniex Rise, (Release: 12 May 2015). Yet again, another master piece of lyrical deliverance. From start to finish with on – point tracks of solid substance, many renowned artist features such as; Pyrit, Bronze Nazareth, Classic Pak, Killah Priest, and many, many more!
When people ask me, ‘So who’s your favourite rapper?’ Jon Cena says it best: https://instagram.com/p/BcuyPhHFPAw/
From pen, through to booth, to live feeds, Canibus is the ultimate EMCEEng, lyricist, creation machine, all is truth within internal life & dreams….
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Just a few of my all-time; excellence of Canibus music creations – Enjoy!
Melatonin Magik, Dead by Design feat Professor Griff (Krazebeats Edition): https://youtu.be/PhyJhdDPiP4
Melatonin Magik, Only slaves D.R.E.A.M: https://youtu.be/Mq86umv6eC0
 Acknowledgement’s & special thanks to:
Pyrit, Tom B, Eitaro K, Virtuous Movement / Vibes Media & of course – Canibus himself. Blessings!
By Dave Hill. (DHD) 2018.