Stay Humble In The Jungle

Posted on July 5 2017
Stay humble in the Jungle Written By David Hill At a time where MANY – may claim to, “STAY HUMBLE” how humble are YOU!? Stay Humble, like the bear in the wild storing up food for itself and family, stay humble like the honey bee, storing up nectar for the hive, and stay humble for […]
Drum and Bass

New Mixes, Depression and Anxiety and other content

Posted on June 24 2017
Easy People! It’s Ian Virtuous here the guvnaaaaaah of VM hahaha Boy it’s been A while since I got in the blog! Big ups to Dynamic HD A.K.A David Hill who has taken blog place until now! There’s lots of content updates that have been happening but they have been in the form of video. […]

Back In The Day – Reminiscence of growing up ...

Posted on April 2 2017
‘Back in the day’ Written by David Hill Was it BETTER – Back in The day? Many will say ‘it was much better’, back in the day, others wouldn’t agree, and say- ‘the time is NOW and life is what you make it!’ It’s all facts!! We all love to look back and reminisce, of days of old – but what […]
London Culture

Phuck The System

Posted on February 2 2017
‘Phuck The System’ Written by David Hill Reality in essence is what YOU make it. This being said,  the ‘matrix’ which we live in, is moulded, cast from a very different vision than our own. The tyrant run system which surrounds is set up for the ‘rich’ the fake money maker’s,  living a lavish and […]
London Culture

VM Attire HQ Update

Posted on November 15 2016
Phwooaaah so the new website is finally up and running. And after a few teething problems we finally got our lazy act together to write a new blog post! Please forgive us!!! It’s been very busy and hectic at the VM HQ! Rather than bore you with an endless list of details of whats been […]