Interview compiled by David Hill 2018
Photography by Chelone Wolf
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Welcome DJ RAP, you have always held your own true ‘style’ within the live mix, likewise the studio. What do you attribute this too? 

Rap: “I am a songwriter at heart, so for me, it’s always about the melody and what I am truly saying through my music, rather than what is ‘fashionable and current'”

What were your roots into Jungle – Drum & Bass music?..

Rap: “I started in this scene after I discovered warehouse raves where DJ’S played Acid House, then House, then Happy Hardcore, thenJungle and Drum and Bass and kept on exploring all music, even pop/full songs and film score.” “As an artist, I feel it is very important to keep growing and exploring all that’s out there.” “For the full story of how I got into all this, I should tell you I have a  book ‘Intelligent Woman‘ due for release in December.” (https://musicmondays.databeats.com/merchandise/mmbook006sdbun)

IF – you had to pick an ‘all time favorite year’ of Drum & Bass music – what would it be and why? (Or would it be now live in the present!!?..)

Rap:“All of the above for different reasons. I’m into the present as I’m excited about what I am creating musically, and curious to see where that takes me, but loving the past for all the adventures I have been taken on.” “Best years for me were ’89 till 2009′ as the scene was like nothing anyone had experienced before.” “It was our Woodstock.”

For some of the more ‘newer heads’ please tell them: How did you first branch into the more commercial – music scene? 

Rap:“I do not view myself as a commercial artist to be honest.” “Mainly my music is underground electronic ranging from drum and bass to full songs.” “What makes me commercial I guess are sales of over 3 million records but not the sound of my music.” “That happened as my music broke new ground with ‘Learning Curve‘ and records like ‘Spiritual Aura‘ that pushed the envelope of said genres.” “Also, I write for other people and create music for some very big films that were successful, so that all helped. What you see happening today in music is what I was doing 20 years ago in the sense of mixing styles, and synthesis of genres in an album rather than staying in a ‘lane’ and that is why I got so much attention.”

What is your personal message to the youth of today growing up? – (USA & UK – worldwide aeeey!) 😉

Rap:“Get off your phones.” “Be present.”

DJ Rap, please tell us about your year so far, also any future projects you are working on & are excited about!?… 

Rap:“Propa Dubs vol 1 is due for release on June 29th.” “This is the first in a series of vinyl collectibles for the true vinyl junkie and fan.” “Remastered versions of my classic ‘Hardstep’ with two never before released versions of Hardstep created by myself back in the day!” “Both 1996 versions have never been heard before and are only available on vinyl on my Bandcamp page and all good vinyl retail stores.” https://djrap.bandcamp.com/album/propa-dubs-vol-1

“Then there is all my new material.” “I’m currently on tour in England gigging but also writing with some amazing drum and bass producers like Hamilton and Erb ‘n Dub.” “Next year is all about the new as well as the vinyl, oh yeah and that book…..wow, you will all know everything about me soon, especially where all the bodies are buried.”

You have naturally utilized extremely well with the ever evolving transition, from; ‘Hardware to software, Vinyl now to digital’ ages. Did you have any problems with the integration personally? 

Rap:“Not for me. I do what feels right, sometimes it fails, sometimes I win, but no regrets, I go in hard and don’t stop until I’m done even if that makes me unpopular.” “It has given me so much to have so many experiences, that only comes with trying different things.”

You’ve very recently been back in the Capital- UK sides again! Please tell us where you played, also; do you still get that same vibe playing there?  What are you up to in general, all that good stuff!! J

Rap:“Allot of that was answered above, but yes, I get an even better vibe, it’s so great here!” “I am so happy to see the scene doing so well and being so diverse musically.” “That is healthy! I feel so lucky to still be able to perform after all this time!” “What a gift!”

Virtuous Movement have got you! All live, relative links, social media buzz sites for Dj Rap linked in below & shout outs too. Bless UP! 

Rap:“Thank you.” “Please know I appreciate you posting my links re book and record.”


Don’t forget brand new single from DJ RAP entitled ‘Hyena’ out now














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