Etherwood In Stillness Review 2018

Written by David Hill / DynamicHD

It takes many shades, shapes designs equipped with a high magnitude to light up many paintings, in turn which will light up peoples faces with sheer delight of the work rendered. One of the reasons I love Drum and Bass is due to it’s high and constant uptick of diverse unique artists whom just flourish from all corners of this, great, green earth.

Etherwood, is just one of these such artists. In Stillness for the year of 2018, is a slice of bliss no less – in an age of which is, at times ‘chaotic in nature’, In Stillness brings the listener to the very ‘everyday calm,’ that is required in a life in today’s ever so busy, non – stop world. It’s within times of internal (chaos) that one must look to find the stillness within.

Such an amazing take on music / digital music that Etherwood brings us as – the participators, in listening, sharing such a beautiful experience when receiving – In Stillness. I feel the elements of nature, itself, inspired from deep within. Subtle, free, fresh piano melodies, entwined with deep, relaxing basslines. One is captivated in the full relaxation immersion, of sound, flying in the clouds. A gentle warmth of the sunshine, a pleasant reminder that you are in tune with such a unique vibration. Music for life, music for meditation – Etherwood demonstrates with true professionalism and skill here.

Warm, hypnotic vocals – warming up the neural transmitters accompanied by that exquisite, deep vibrant basslines. Brings to the mind’s eye – colours of gold, spring time, rich yellows, amber and bronze fervours. Furthermoore – summer time in the rush; Golds, greens, blue sky heavens, blue seas, golden beaches, good times. Like new breath, as the landscape evolves to purer climbs, taking musical heights to an even more dynamic level, one is simply elevated by Etherwood’s outstanding works of art, as each track from the album progresses with new vigour, each step of the magical journey.

I enjoy the way that each of the fifteen well crafted, designed tracks are all uniquely placed, a true state of the art – album which has been created here by Etherwood. I felt personally captured, in a deeper level by: Shining Over Me. Smooth, warm fluent basslines. The vocal simply tremendous, the story unfolding further as you are taken on such a deep journey – both musically and internally…

No less: music for the feel – good soul! I can only recommend with the highest authority, for you to purchase this unique creation of great ambiance.

I never like to select ‘favourites’ out of an album revision, however I shall rephrase; I am happy to draw for you my own, most emotionally inspired tracks from this epic journey, of a musical master piece of an album – In Stillness, by Etherwood.

For more please visit;

Etherwood (Official website): http://etherwood.co.uk/

Medschool website: www.medschoolmusic.com/

Hospital Records website: https://www.hospitalrecords.com/

Dave Hill. 2018.