Finally we’ve been awarded a mix from none other than Legend Bryan G for design work we are currently working on for both Philly Blunt and V Recordings!

Check out this mix review written by David Hill – Demonz Ink 2017

‘World lion’s roar louder!’ The truest statement which describes the affluent truth of those who care to continue to walk the path.

For the avid followers of the movement, they already hold the ongoing ‘knowing’ of the conscious fact, that the evolution of the VM force is growing, and reaching out at an extremely fruitful rate. Dedication, passion, and a high inner resolve from it’s creator no less – continues to develop the range and platform for all to enjoy!

It is with the basslines of pleasure, that Virtuous Media has now obtained an elite new mix by none other than the man himself – Sir Bryan G.

Yes good people, with no further delay head over to the VM Soundcloud page and get ready to ‘HIT PLAY! ‘

Bryan G, a TRUE pioneer of the scene and culture, V Recordings, Philly Blunt, rolls up a mega ballistic, ‘VM Attire Jungle Mix’- for you the people!

Tough like stone intro, you are taken straight into the urban jungle with BIGGER than BIG beats, mammoth sound’s, emulating the culture from day!

Bryan NEVER afraid to deflect from ‘ROOTS’ of the culture keeps it ‘100’ – selecting and drawing deep in the mix! Deep, raw Reggae, Ragga vocals on the dub hit list! Leaves you with NOTHING ELSE to do, but roll a Philly one and get ya rum out!

The skyline maybe grey, put this vibes UP mix on, and TRUST me the sun will a shine brightly for you right now!

Mr G cuts ‘n’ selects some ORIGINAL jungle tunes, re fixed and mixed FRESH for us here in 2017!!!

‘Limb by limb’ – bare fire classic, Bryan brings to life LIVE IN THE MIX HERE!!

New and exuberant tracks on display here, fresh from the ‘dub selection’. The legend himself showing us just how, and why he’s a world leader for the Jungle & Drum and Bass scene.

Bryan G shows us that Jungle is still a prominent and fresh sound for the day and age, in which we live and rave. I personally love the ‘urban feel’ which has been recaptured, and brought into the here and now of present day sounds, and production.

This energetic mix has it all, the perfect beats to listen to on your seven day week cycle! Whether you need that ‘hard – step’ to work or simply need to ‘Set Speed’ for your weekend rush- this mix does the very business! Bassline to make your mind n body curve deep! Bryan G on top form as ever!

Delivering the perfection blend from beginning to end. Keep your head high – Virtuous Movement style!

Remember – ‘Those who are too quick to judge n Diss, are not locked on to the right levels like THIS! Just relax and hit play on this EXCLUSIVE mix!’

Dave Hill

Demonzink 2017.


If you didn’t already click the links in the article listen to the mix below!