With the exuberance of quality from many distinct levels, L – Side delivers for the mighty V Recordings with maximum style. This heavy weight fifteen track deep album, boasts a versatile array of Drum and bass – Hip Hop based, urban tracks hand crafted by L – Side.

The whole album boasts a fresh, unique futuristic quality about it. I liken it to the ‘Blade Runner’ films. The first one being ahead of it’s time, the second remaining ever present yet – still very much in the future. The finely tuned, renowned sound of V Recordings is now immeasurable as well as unmistakable within the Jungle and Drum and Bass scene. Crisp production levels, fat snares with up to date breaks all combining – together to create room shaker, after room shaker of tracks.

This album with its present day feel, still manages to capture the old skool ‘vibe’ of yesteryear. Amazing use of samples used throughout the album, bring a well-received ‘nod’ to the sound and style of days preceding, a golden age that we all love to remember. Brought together with today’s new – elevated level production techniques, amplifies the ambiance of the album and its trajectory.

L – Side clearly works as one with the vocal artists on board for this project. Incredible titans from within the industry, blessed to grace this very album. Out the gate you are treated to – Ras Tweed, into urban tones of DRS, the man like – Darrison, Stapleton, MC Fats, Inja, Lady Chann, Jeru The Danja & T.R.A.C, Fox, MC Fava, Collette Warren bringing more legendary vocals, the fifteen deep LP is then completed with non-other than MC Conrad! Totally jet setting us, from start to finish with first rate artists, veterans, visionaries of the industry brought together with a new perfection by L – Side, V Recordings. Amazing use of basslines, sweeping basslines, osculation of sounds, with peak levels of amazing atmospheric qualities throughout, providing ever – high class entertainment on the ears and neural senses alike.

The versatility of this album is of pioneering quality, with ‘big room’ inviting basslines, providing epic ‘urban elements,’ along with the already stated ‘old skool’ feel in places to gently remind us of our Jungle roots!

Personally, I shouldn’t pick a ‘favourite’ track, however ‘Da Sickening’ has a completely different feel to it, I’d say that the magic is in the listening for yourself! From room shakers, to ‘head nodders’, to hot – steppers, to dancing by candle light (if you like) this album has it ALL!

Infinite respect to L – Side for the amazing artistry composition’s here. Infinite respects to the legendary V Recordings for the consistent, energetic releases throughout the ages as we know them. Blessings, love – RESPECT! Enjoy the Carnal Minds vibrations yo!!!



David Hill / Demonz Ink submission for: Virtuous Media Movement 2018.