Nanci correia
We got the privaledge of interviewing Jungle Queen Nanci Correia Vocalist for Congo Natty check out what she had to say below alongside a collection of some of her tracks!
1. Firstly massive thank you for taking the time to have an interview with us! Can you tell everyone how you fell into music? And when would you say you it really took off for you? Or has it always been a part of your soul? Who or what inspires you to make music?
 Secondly, THANK YOU for having me!
I didn’t fall into music or learn to play an instrument, I was born with rather loud vocal chords and always sang and made a lot of noise, so I cannot even remember when the first moment it all started was. I know my first performance was at school in South America, Bolivia, in a HUGE north american school. I did my first solo there and I believe that is when maybe my mother noticed my voice.
In terms of taking off, (whatever that means because what makes me happy is a constant progression, I want to do this forever, infact until I can speak no more), I suppose the most recognition came from working with Congo Natty as he is a legend with a huge following. Doing lots of shows all around the world probably was the moment it felt like we were “taking off” haha excuse the pun. 
And yes it 100% is my soul, all of it. My voice is something I was born with just like your legs and feet, then you learn to walk, I learnt to sing so it most certainly is something I am a little too protective of sometimes as it literally is the voice of my soul. Every day is a inspiration for making music, life is inspiring.


2. How do you define a true Junglist? And do you feel there is a slight divide between both Jungle and DnB? Or is it something you don’t get involved in?
 For me a true junglist is the raver that smiles, the raver that cares not for what others think of them and talks about and gives loves, no segregation. 
I feel the only divide between Jungle and DnB is that persons personal experiences and what information was passed onto them, we all go through life living different days and growing up with difference music, so it only makes sense that we all have slight different names for slight different things that may have been inspired by the same things. I know that I had moments in life where I only listened to DnB and also Jungle and then also loads of other genres. I am sure many will argue they are not the same thing because they clearly aren’t but at the end of the day they are pretty close.. so maybe I shouldn’t get involved haha.


3. You’ve worked alongside pioneer Rebel Mc aka Congo Natty. How did that come about? When you produced “Get ready” did you know it would receive over 1 Million views on youtube?
 I worked in an office for Outlook Festival/Dimensions Festival, Packlondon and Vagabondz upstairs of the venue Jamm in Brixton. Congo had his studio next door, there were a couple other studios and companies upstairs too, we were a big family. There was a lot of time spent up there with all sorts of people, musicians, artists, producers, bands, agents, managers etc. A member of what is now called Lionpulse; who are an impressive sound system and good friends of mine, he had seen my myspace and had said he would pass on the message to Congo as he worked with him, and he did. So one day I was sent downstairs to open the door for someone by my boss at the time and I opened the door and it was Congo, in all his glory, it was an empowering moment, he looked extremely majestic and dramatic. He mentioned that he heard me sing and one day we would do works together, I thought nothing of it. After some time, he became a little more familiar but I wouldn’t have considered him my friend yet. Later that year Phoebe who was always upstairs in the offices was playing Notorious on guitar in their studio and Congo I believe suggested to get me, we sang and recorded Notorious acoustically together and from that moment we began making music together, Get Ready and a lot of Congo’s newest album was recorded during those times. I didn’t know it would get so many views because it’s REALLY not something I think about, EVER, but when it did happen it only took 1 second on my time because really it means nothing. I am more in awe of being infront of that many people, that is powerful to me. Of course I am not being ungrateful I think I just don’t quite understand the power of recognition online. It almost doesn’t seem real sometimes, but it is a HUGE honour. When your making music you never know what is going got happen to it, that is the beauty, if you knew everything that would be so boring.

4. We firmly believe that all great culture even through the ages has stemmed from both music and art. Even in ancient times. Do you believe that living in a modern day babylon (London) with all it’s struggle and strife from the corruption in politics to the manipulation on our human psyche’s becomes the birthing platform for higher plateu’s of existence? For example hip-hop culture in the 80’s was birthed out of severe urban turmoil… Do you believe that through suffering and strife great music, art and true expression has been created? And if so… How have you used music as a tool for yourself?

 I believe any experience can influence music/art, doesn’t always have to be a struggle or a bad thing to inspire, which is life, no? These are things that I love about life, art music and culture, they are to be shared, both good and bad but that isn’t to say that for example great genres such as Hip Hop, Punk etc derive from a message around struggle and freedom and I believe that is because in our society those are the things we don’t have and that is our right to life so we should be talking about it, it’s just a shame people don’t always listen. 
I can only relate to my experiences in writing and yes I can say that anything written in terms of music has always come from an experience or something that effected me as a person that I learnt something from and most of the time it is something bad because that hurts the most, we take happy moments for granted and forget to sit down and record those moments but when things are sad, we deal with them and we get creative. I believe its a way of sharing and subliminally warning anyone who wants to listen to not make the same mistakes you did, to learn what you did without having to live it themselves, it’s a need to tell people your experience in order to understand it yourself and also to inform anyone that cares because it made you feel a certain way.

5. If ever there was a time for music to be heard it’s now… The internet has allowed us to break through the barrier and censorship of tripe they zap at us through mainstream radio/ media outlets and finally be in control of what WE listen to. Alongside reggae and Jungle what other music do you listen to? And what other UK artists do you feel are making an impact on the society we live in?

 There is no time more important than the other, everything is relevant, and so is music/art. My question for you is do you think we have used that right to no censorship well? Internet or not internet, we still pump out misinformation, its just another platform to confuse people and we have such an over drive of information and music nowadays it is almost harder to find the gems, freedom of speech is excellent but showing off is where we are at for now, I feel. I am not trying to generalise but I’d say the highest percentage does and it will take time to get used to such a powerful tool.
I listen to everything but that doesn’t mean I like everything. I do find it hard to answer that question, when it comes to genres there is a song from every one that I love and that I can relate to hugely. Artists today I love are The Internet, I found out about them recently and I love their sound but in terms of making an impact I am still looking, and would love to be shown some people I feel that are pushing that message, as I mentioned before regarding the internet, there is SO much out there it is almost hard to find someone doing that. 
For me the equivalent is old school grime, not quite the stormzy “shut up” vibe haha but grime as a culture, as something that was birthed in London and is a culture with a point and a struggle too, similar to Hip Hop but of course not the same. I also believe for example Kiko Bun, Loyle Carner, these kinds of artists are honest. Kiko is a positive guy, he can talk love or life but its honest and Loyle I find talks about his relationship with his father a lot which is something that must mean a lot to him, but without even realising I can relate and it feels honest even if we haven’t exactly experienced the same thing, it’s the little things that count, especially in this day and age.
But as I said, you tell me? I am ITCHING to know who the new honest artists are.
Haha yeah they’re all pretty dope vibes. The list goes on we could be here all day….. The sad thing is most the really talented and expressive of musicians across all genres are often more underground maybe thats a good thing though? But suppose people miss out on artists who could help elevate their spirit and educate them. Artists in the UK that spring to mind are; Akala, Lowkey, Logic, Kingpin, Amy true, Shay D many of the Global faction stuff on youtube, You got Sektion red that do a lot of conscious Uk hip-hop videos as well. JDZ media cover a lot of grime and feature Dnb Mc’s such as Harry shotta, Stormin, and more. Not forgetting SBTV for their vast range of showcases of UK talents, All of which have done so independently allowing them to be more free in their expression rather than being on the larger labels or mainstream channels such as MTV that then censor more and align up with a certain “status quo” of what they wanna send through the airwaves! With the internet the power and choice is in the hands of the user! And that changes everything!
6. You have a very soulful and versatile voice that seems to be able to merge itself beautifully with many different genres. Recently you produced “Falling” an acoustic masterpiece engraved with emotion. With the ability to reach people on such a deep level, what would you say is your final goal when it comes to music? Do you have a certain message you wish to invoke?
That Falling is just a bit of fun, Phoebe blessed me with teaching me a song on the guitar that opened my horizons and allowed me to start to write on guitar which is mind-blowing I didn’t work that out before! haha. I love playing with vocals, harmonies and creating feeling in sound. I am an emotional person so it’s no surprise my voice comes out with a lot of emotion, I even talk loud and get passionate a lot of the time, people think I’m angry when I’m simply explaining how my day was haha because I cannot hide my emotions, I am cursed/blessed with feeling and I cannot hide nor ignore them. I say blessing because it guides me in life, helps me make decisions and stay happy and curse because noone likes to have their sensitive side open to be read or misread by others. 
My final goal with music unfortunately is selfish, I was born with this gift that has the power to make me happy and that is why I am so shy and protective when it comes to singing. I am very excited about the idea of new projects where I talk about my opinion on us as people, human beings and where we are at in terms of life and society. Something in music I feel that people lack is a solution, we talk about the problems all the time but we never get to the solution. I am not saying I have the answers but I know what makes me happy and we can only go off our own experiences, right? So I guess that part is my message, trying to find a solution to happiness, sanity and freedom in ourselves. Miscommunication is the BIGGEST problem, I believe in our society today.
7. Definitely! Pretty sure you are on your path Nanci 🙂 and by shining in your essence you are giving others the inspiration to do the same with whatever it is they have to offer! We firmly believe that everybody has something unique to bring to this life for others to pick up from and grow… Miscommunication is definitely a major problem in our society today as it all stems from disinformation too… You can’t communicate to people properly if you lack knowledge. We do believe however that things are changing and again all down to the internet bursting open the doors of information! The change lies within ourselves not those around us, finally can you tell us what do you have install for this year and the near future?
Well this year I have a new project with a new producer that I am extremely excited about, it’s been liberating to be treated like an artist and not just vocals, we all have a message we are dying to tell someone. It’s been a real pleasure experiencing life and then writing about it. I live for the moment so I cannot tell you what the future holds but bare with me and we can adventure together in music and some exciting new ideas for life 🙂
We look forward to seeing your progress massive big ups and many thanks for taking the time to have this interview with us! 🙂
Below is a collection of Nanci’s releases with Congo Natty alongside her sound cloud page check them out!