Written and compiled by Stuart Hayes

[PEARL 05] Necrotype – Diamond Life 05

A – Yosei.

B – Break Through.

Coco Byce’s Myor sub-label, Diamond Life has since it’s inception in 2016, provided a stellar roster of deep and atmospheric jungle releases, and for it’s fifth 12” vinyl and digital release it shows no sign of relaxing it’s policy for unleashing high quality music.

‘Diamond Life 05’ sees Necrotype take us on a sublime, intelligent jungle expedition with ‘Yosei’. A track which delivers a potent blend of subtle, Oriental synth melodies and gorgeous pads set to a series of rugged, layered breaks and a cavernous Reese bassline, creating a perfect combination of rough and smooth elements suited for both chilled, home listening as well as devastation on the dancefloor.

‘Break Through’ on the flipside introduces us to the deeper side of drum & bass with it’s utilisation of intricate drum programming, and frantic bongo rhythms set to spacious bass notes and snippets of male dialogue, which are put through delayed FX to add a welcome experimental edge to the track. This one is for anyone who considers themselves a fan of the classic drum-funk sound.

Previously known for his darker drum & bass stylings, ‘Yosei / Break Through’ expertly showcases Necrotypes’ musical versatility, and is a must for any lover of expertly crafted jungle and drum & bass.

The Breakbeatscientist scores Necrotype’s ‘Diamond Life 05’ single an exemplary 5 out of 5, with the luscious ‘Yosei’ just edging it over it’s companion piece.

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