Easy People!

It’s Ian Virtuous here the guvnaaaaaah of VM hahaha

Boy it’s been A while since I got in the blog! Big ups to Dynamic HD A.K.A David Hill who has taken blog place until now!

There’s lots of content updates that have been happening but they have been in the form of video.

And personally moving forward this is what I want to do more of… My PASSION lies in empowering, enlightening and helping others.

Music and Art is one of my passions but I Love knowledge!

For those that don’t know more so recently we are running a competition each month to WIN a FREE tee!

Best Mix sent in each month wins! Bassline Beenie WON the crown of the first mix comp!

We awarded her a brand new Stay Humble In The Jungle Tee!

Check out her mix Below! FIYAAAAAHHH!!


Join the next upcoming mix comp as we have them monthly for a chance to win!

Send an email with your Name (Facebook ad) *so we can tag if you win


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Moving forward I am planning to make the brand more about Knowledge, Empowerment, and wisdom.

Below is a batch of new video content of me talking about many issues such as;

Depression, Anxiety, Spirituality, Philosophy…

The aim is to offer practical methods that I have used help myself with feelings of depression or anxiety.

Society is the issue NOT YOU! 😉

Here is our documentary about Homelessness, Poverty, Manipulation of the media, Suffering and alsoMusic art and culture



Knowledge/ Empowerment



Processes for Depression/ Anxiety




Expect to see more content like this as time goes on. As this is more so where my passion lies!

PLUS I want to do more with this brand than sell stuff! EMPOWER THE YOOF!!





We Outy!