Back once again, in the incredible – Hip Hop sanction!…
The high seas are set to be sailed, there are beats to be prepped, then executed on –
deck, on set!
Many have taken the journey, many have made it. Not so many of the few, have had the
opportunity in working with industry AND underground’s most sovereign of artists…
It’s with great honour, that I can bring forward this next interview – music, artist feature.
Take a seat, roll one, pour a glass – it is time to set sail into; uncharted waters with the
legend who is
PYRIT. (Pt.1)
For those – who, may not know so well; what was your roots into hip hop music?
Pyrit: I’ve had a strong connection to music since I was really young. I got my first Casio
keyboard on my ninth Christmas and loved it so much that I actually still have it.
My grandparents, who raised me, got cable for a short time around then and I got to
see all the artists who were doing their thing during the mid-nineties. Tupac, Biggie,
Big L, Kool G Rap, the list goes on.. I was hypnotized. MTV was lit back then.
That being asked – when did you first get a love for writing & spitting bars?
Pyrit: I was so hooked on the music and the art form that by the time I was 12, I was writing
verses and trying to make drum patterns on the 3 pads the Casio had.
Furthermore, you are very well known for your beat production – how did you get your
head into this?
Pyrit: Fate, lol. That same year (1998) I was in Circuit City in the mall out here (VA), and was
playing with the keyboards while my grandmother shopped. This dude that had to be
about 22 or 23 walked up and started playing with another one. He played this insane
riff in A-Minor, recorded it on the keyboard, and started playing drums over it. It was
like seeing a magic trick for the first time. I still remember the chords. I had to know
how he did it.
I got a shitty PC at 14, and was recording songs over Wu-Tang instrumentals I
downloaded by running the Audio Out from the PC to my boombox, and recording to a
cassette live. If I didn’t get the track in one take, I had to start over. I did that for
about a year before I discovered Cool Edit (now Adobe Audition), and Fl Studio, on the
internet. The rest is history.
What is your message to the youth, wanting to break into the Hip – Hop scene?
Pyrit:I can only speak as an artist, because at heart I’m both. Never stop learning, and trying
new techniques or methods. Be hyped about your shit. You have to believe in yourself
more than you ever think anyone else should or would. Know it’s dope. Everyone is
waiting for someone with that feeling to tell them what’s dope. Be that someone.
You have blessed fortune of working with – Canibus himself! How did this come about?
Pyrit: One day in early 2009, it occurred to me out of nowhere that I had been listening to
almost exclusively The LOX for like 2 years straight, and the zone I was in at the time
was shifting. The literal next thought that popped in my mind was “What’s Canibus
been up to”. I had a flashback of 12 year old me hearing the Funkmaster Flex tape
with Noreaga, DMX, and Canibus, and remembered how insane his verses were on it.
I downloaded a torrent of the entire Canibus Discography up until that year (thanks to
whoever uploaded that lol), and listened from Can-I-Bus to For Whom The Beat Tolls in
order. By the time I got to Poet Laureate Infinity, I thought Canibus was building a
spaceship in a warehouse somewhere.
During that time, I happened to be working on my own version of the Flux-Capacitor
and figured that he would need to bend time to travel at light speed. So, I broadcasted
it in the Mixes/Blends I was making out of Poet Laureate Infinity. Shan51 (another
brilliant Ripper/Scientist) found them first on Canibus Central, and sent them to him in
an unopened Coca-Cola can.
After decoding the message using a ProScan modem with a low-band, we connected on
Skype to chop it up, and over the course of several conversations he revealed the
secrets of Poet Laureate Infinity to me. I now guard them with my life.
Tell us about some of the projects you’ve worked on with Bis..
Pyrit: Everything after Lyrical Law.
‘Bars matter’… What are your inspirations when writing?…
Pyrit: I think the majority of people have had joys and pains, and Hip Hop is the greatest and
most popular art form because it’s the easiest one to use to express anything that’s
happened to you or that you’ve lived through.
My life is the first, and best, inspiration I’ve ever had when writing.
Where can the good people get your beats from?
Would you say, ‘that the odds are, that the dark star – is not far off?’…
Pyrit: We’ll talk later. You can ask Darth Vader about the Brown Dwarf invader the
motherfucker’s afraid of.
What is your message to the youth? – Up & coming artists, MC’s – producers alike?
Pyrit: Don’t let anyone ever make you feel afraid to be yourself. If no-one is hating on you,
you’re doing it wrong.
Who are your main, definitive hip – hop legends who inspire you out here?
Pyrit: Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, and Dylan. You ever see that Road Warriors tour he did with
Canibus and Born Sun?? Hot fiyah.
What tracks are you most proud of?
Pyrit: Everyone loves what they created the best haha. I’m proud every time I make a new
track, instrumental or song, because something about it is better than the last.
The pride is in the process, but the most fun tracks are the ones that other emcees
have blessed. Artists like Canibus, Rasul Allah 7, LCOB, IllGrind, Buddy Reaves, Shan51,
Kas Solo, Trulee Thee Emcee, and others, have added to my creations in ways that I
can only marvel at and appreciate.
With the emergence of Full Spectrum Dominance 2 – what can you tell the people about
Pyrit: The Legend, The Super Producer, The one-and-only DOMINGO is handling everything
related to the Full Spectrum Dominance series at http://www.ThatsHipHopMusic.com
Pyrit, it has been of premium quality talking with you today! Thank you highly for your,
answers and more so your time in doing so. Salute & blessings. Wishing you all the blessed
best in the future!
Pyrit: Respect fam. Be well.
Check out some of Pyrits work below!

Thanking Virtuous Movement once again, shout out to the culture – underground scenes far
and wide. With the scope of questions available to such candidates as Pyrit, I title these
features as a ‘part. 1’, leaving it open for follow up features / interviews. With thanks.
Dave Hill.