Stay humble in the Jungle

Written By David Hill

At a time where MANY – may claim to, “STAY HUMBLE” how humble are YOU!?

Stay Humble, like the bear in the wild storing up food for itself and family, stay humble like the honey bee, storing up nectar for the hive, and stay humble for your loved one’s friends and family, as they are the ones who matter.

Stay HUMBLE for – YOUSELF, the Jungle nourishes its inhabitants with rain pouring off the leaves from the canopy of trees and plant life above, in turn the animals, insects and whole different worlds below, on the many different stages to the ground floor – are in turn revitalized and nourished within this amazing life cycle. Look at this as yourself – your inner being / soul, you need the rain at times to cleans you, lift you and nourish yourself, like the sun light too. You need to grow, to stay humble, and grow, and learn on your path way in this life.

A deep statement – with so much meaning and emphasis on LIFE it’s self, all before you have visited the VM Sound Cloud page and checked out the latest mix! 😉

Staying humble in oneself brings so much. The abundance factor is big here – we can visit the ego / super ego – all of which we ALL poses but have we not come this far to let go as such of this? After all, we all came through our journey, of judging others, sisters, brothers alike- with the system being SO, easy to ‘wallow’ in ones successes and scoff and ‘LOL’ when others fail right in front of our eyes.

Being humble is remaining in one’s self, whilst exercising compassion for others – sisters, and brothers alike on this earth, no one’s saying ‘don’t enjoy your own success’ – NO! Just be aware of your thoughts, actions which in turn create: consequences for others around you – (Cause and effect system!)

The Jungle is Humble, the Jungle is listening, and you listen to Jungle, so always remember, when you hear the bass line thunder rumble: Stay Humble In The Jungle – !!!


Dave Hill / Demonz Ink 2017.