Written and compiled by Stuart Hayes

[RGRLP012] Time Travel – Clockwork

1/ Nowadays.

2/ Iron Fist.

3/ Money.

4/ What Is Your Wish.

5/ To Live Forever.

6/ Distant Star.

7/ The Device.

8/ Vibration.

9/ Hidden Pattern.

10/ Wind And Water.

Bay B Kane’s pioneering Ruff Guidance Records makes a welcome return bringing with it a heavyweight selection of deep jungle and drum & bass cuts, with the release of Time Traveller’s awe-inspiring ‘Clockwork’ LP. Taking inspiration from the scene’s long and rich heritage whilst adding a 2018 twist, it’s time for us to look into the intricate workings of this collection…

Time Travel sets the wheels in motion with the boombastic hip-hop meets jungle roller, ‘Nowadays’ which hits you with it’s killer, rubber-band bassline before we are met with ‘Iron Fist, a dark, ballistic fusion of chopped up breaks and deep bass pulses which pays reverential homage to the scene’s Golden age.

‘Money’ up next takes us in a more languid direction with it’s potent blend of lush atmospheric pad washes, layered over a frantic percussive backdrop, as does it’s successor, ‘What Is Your Wish’ which expertly fuses together F.S.O.L. style ambient texturology with tearing amen break edits.

‘To Live Forever’ ramps up the tension with it’s use of hypnotic, foreboding synth patterns set to a hardsteppin’ drum track and an immense, pulsating bassline that’s destined to get all heads nodding in appreciation. Things take a turn for the sinister

with the skeletal and cinematic drum & bass number, ‘Distant Star’ which layers clockwork breaks over oppressive atmospherics.

If you love your sci-fi beats then ‘The Device’ delivers soothing pads and off-kilter vocal fragments over scuttling percussion, to create a perfect balance of both languid and frenetic elements. ‘Vibration’ follows a similar forward thinking path as it’s predecessor with it’s use of precision crafted breakbeats and vibrato bass swells.

We are soon rewound back to the murky, mid to late nineties era of classic tech-stp with the industrial tinged ‘Hidden Pattern’, a potent blend of relentless, 2-step breaks, grumbling sub-bass notes and ominous, ghostly pads. Bringing the album to an epic and fitting close we have ‘Wind And Water’ which effortlessly eases the listener with it’s use of warm synth washes, gentle bass swells and subtle, unrelenting beats.

With ‘Clockwork’, Time Travel delivers a richly textured collection of expertly crafted jungle and drum & bass with a strong focus on the lost arts of break programming, deep bassline manipulation and the weaving of dense soundscapes. An essential purchase for any serious lover of proper drum & bass..

The Breakbeatscientist scores Time Travel’s ‘Clockwork’ album an exemplary 5 out of 5, with the deep jungle stepper ‘To Live Forever’

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