[NHS337] Unglued – Deep, Dark & Dirty E.P.

Written and compiled by Stuart Hayes

1/ Deep Dark & Dirty (ft. Nelson Navarro).

2/ No Escape.

3/ Tekapo.

4/ Original Selector.

Hospital Records’ current man of the moment, Unglued makes a triumphant return to the label after the successes of the ‘Chicken In A Spacesuit’ single and his anthemic remix of High Contrast’s ‘If We Ever’.

The ‘Dark & Dirty E.P.’ sees Unglued deliver a versatile quartet of drum & bass, future anthems spanning a myriad of styles. It’s time for the Virtuous Movement to get DEEP, DARK and DIRTY…!!!

We are first introduced to grimy underbelly of D&B with title track ‘Deep Dark & Dirty’, a razor-sharp, 2-step beast which fuses together stepping breaks with a cavernous bassline and gnarly, neuro style, midrange snarls alongside vocalist Nelson Navarro’s lyrical musings.

The pitch black tone continues up next with the minimal, bass heavy roller ‘No Escape’, which layers deep, subsonic tones over a potent blend of skeletal breaks and oppressive drones to ramp up the tension to critical levels.

After the the previous headstrong outings, ‘Tekapo’ lends us some much needed release by dropping a series of heart-swelling pads and soulful vocal snippets over an understated bass melody and a frenetic, skipping breakbeat to perfectly showcase the artists’ equal prowess in delivering soothing liquid drum & bass grooves.

We are then brought to a rousing finale with ‘Original Selector’, a track which takes us back into the deepest, D&B rave recesses with it’s blend of junglistic bass patterns, jittery breakbeats and mentasm flashes which hit you like lasers cutting through the darkness.

If you were ever prejudiced into thinking that Hospital Records was nothing but flighty pads, gossamer thin, jazzy vocals and lightweight liquid beats and bass, then Unglued’s latest outing may just be the release to change that mindset!!!

The Breakbeatscientist gives Unglued’s ‘Deep, Dark & Dirty E.P.’ a full-on 5 out of 5, with top billing going to the menacing ‘No Escape’!!!

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